Hugh Greenwood BAPS course

Hugh Greenwood BAPS Neonatal Surgical Skills Course:


18 March 2012, Paediatric Surgical Skills Training Centre, Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, Rondebosch

Neonatal surgery hands on course was very succesfully run at the PAPSA meetings in Ghana in 2008 and Tanzania in 2010.  These courses covered the following operations in animal tissue : Small bowel anastomosis, Open Stamm gastrostomy and Duodenal atresia repair. The repair of an Oesophageal atresia was taught using a plastic jig.

The courses used a faculty of experienced surgeons and trainers with much one to one teaching.

We will be offering this course again this year, to limited number of participants. A handout and DVD will be provided.  Trainees of all levels are invited to participate.  Full Course details will be available soon.