Organizing comittee

PAPSA2012 Cape Town

9th PAPSA Biennial Congress March 19th – 21st,

2012 Cape Town, South Africa

Incorporating the SAAPS and with support from the WOFAPS.

President of PAPSA:
Dr. Petronilla Ngiloi (Tanzania)

Past President of PAPSA:
Prof Afua Hesse (Accra, Ghana)

Chairman of the Scientific Committee:
Prof Alastair Millar (Cape Town, South Africa)

Scientific Committee:

Prof Essam Elhalaby     (Egypt)
Prof Peter Beale            (South Africa)
Prof Larry Hadley         (South Africa)
Prof Sam Moore            (South Africa)
Prof Colin Lazarus         (South Africa)
Dr Jerome Loveland     (South Africa)
Dr Esme Le Grange      (South Africa)
Prof Alp Numanoglu     (South Africa)
Dr Sharon Cox               (South Africa)
Dr Angus Alexander     (South Africa)
Dr John Lazarus            (South Africa)
Prof Sebastian Van As  (South Africa)